Large-Scale Hydrological and Sediment Modeling in Nested Domains under Current and Changing Climate

SMHI investigated how well can large scale models predict runoff and sediment concentrations in a recent scientific publication. The comparison of historical simulations for three nested model domains (global, continental, and national) found that simulated sediment concentrations varied considerably among the nested models in spatial patterns, whereas runoff values were more similar. For indicators of future change, variables that were calibrated directly provided more consistent message than those derived from other model outputs. These results are important for DIRT-X applications as the cross-scale analyses give a better understanding and quantification of impacts and uncertainties in climate impact assessments.

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Global distribution of sediment concentrations from WW-HYPE
Figure 2. Global distribution of sediment concentrations partly follows the distribution of runoff at a first look. However, closer examination shows low sediment concentrations present in areas of both low and medium runoff (e.g., northern Europe and Asia).