Project Deliverables

Work Package 1: Current Process Analyses at a Local Scale

D1.1Report summarizing case studies, catchment characteristicsAug 2020
D1.2Report on current processes and model set ups (LUH)Dec 2020
D1.3Manuscript/conference on event-driven land erosion and river morphologyApril 2021
D1.4Manuscript/conference on reservoir sedimentation processesApril 2021
D1.5Manuscript on sediment and silica simulation in S-HYPEApril 2021
D1.6Manuscript/conference on sediment modelling in alpine catchmentsApril 2020
D1.7Manuscript on SCM simulations in Orust-TjörnAug 2021

Work Package 2: Future Projected Impacts at a Local Scale

D2.1Report on uncertainty in climate impact modelsApril 2021
D2.2Manuscript on model parameters and error propagation in climate impact assessmentsSept 2021
D2.3Report on future climate impacts in case studiesJanv 2022
D2.4Manuscript on long-term, seasonal, and event-driven CIIs in hydropower sectorFeb 2022

Work Package 3: Large- and Cross-Scale Analyses

D3.1Report On E-HYPE/WW-HYPE Modelling SetupAug 2020
D3.2Report On Pan-European CIIsSept 2021
D3.3Report On Cross-Case Comparison: Model Concepts, Parameters, And ResultsJune 2022
D3.4Report On Cross-Scale Effects On CIIsJuly 2022
D3.5Manuscript On Pan-European Impacts Of Climate And Socioeconomic ChangesJuly 2022

Work Package 4: Cross-Sectoral Analyses

D4.1Report on SSPs in Europe, incl. changes water use, land use, population, and related technologiesSept 2020
D4.2Manuscript on tertiary CIIs under different SSPsFeb 2022
D4.3Manuscript on impacts and interdependencies of changes in runoff
and reservoirs on tertiary CIIs related to dependent sectors under SSPs
June 2022

Work Package 5: Data Management and Dissemination

D5.1Report on data flow framework with timeframes & responsibilitiesNov 2019
D5.2Project website with project descriptionNov 2019
D5.3Dissemination plan + standard templates for presentationsFeb 2020
D5.4Report describing the developed open access toolsApril 2021
D5.5Model coupling scheme WaSiM-OGGM published via github
+ model description paper (e.g., in Geoscientific Model Development)
Nov 2021
D5.6Report evaluating dissemination effortsJune 2022
D5.7Scientific paper on comparing WaSiM-V-A-scaling with WaSiM-OGGMJuly 2022

Work Package 6: Project Management

D6.1Report: Data Management PlanNov 2019
D6.2Periodic progress report, midterm (or as required)Feb 2021
D6.3Periodic progress report, end (or as required)July 2022
D6.4Final reportJuly 2022